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Director, producer, and co-screenwriter; associate professor for Film and TV direction at Faculty of Dramatic Arts Cetinje, University of Montenegro. He graduated direction (film, theater, TV) from the Novi Sad Arts Academy in the class of professor Vlatko Gilić in 1998. He studied theoretic side of the multimedia direction in XX century: 1999 – 2001 (Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade, Masters studies) 2005 – 2010 and (Art Academy Novi Sad, Ph.D. studies). He served as the art director at the City Theater in Podgorica for seven seasons (2003 – 2010) in two election mandates and he was the artistic manager for more than 25 debuted projects in the said theater. He was chosen at the International Visitors Leadership Program by the US State Department in 2006 (Los Angeles, New York, Washington – residencies) and he participated at numerous international seminars and workshops from his field, out of which Directors Seminar Keln (Germany, ASSITEJ Germany) 2001 stands out. Feature film The Kids from the Marx and Engels Street (Dječaci iz Ulice Marksa i Engelsa) (2014) was official Montenegrin Oscar Candidate in the category for the Best Foreign Picture in 2014.


  • 2005 feature film: A View from Eiffel Tower – director, co-author, and producer; production: Artikulacija, Galileo Production, RTVCG
  • RTVCG, Arkadena Studio (SLO), Vizije (CRO)
  • 2008 directed documentary Kana; production: Obala Podgorica
  • 2014 feature film: The Kids from the Marx and Engels Street – director, co-author, and producer; production: Galileo Production, Artikulacija, RTVCG, OR, Cinnamon (SRB), Embrio (HR)
  • 2017 feature film, A Balkan Noir – co-producer; production: Film Facility (SWE), Galileo production (MNE), Way Creative Films (SWE) & Film i Skåne (SWE)
  • He directed and produced more than fifty targeted propaganda films and TV forms (applied direction: commercials, targeted and promo films, music videos…); he is director and screenwriter of the documentary TV series Streets and People (TVCG, 2000 – 2005, 25 episodes)

Address: FDU Cetinje, Bajova 5
Phone: 020 663 200
Name of the production company FDU Cetinje, vanredni profesor FTV režije

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