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The Montenegrin Association of Directors and Producers was founded on May 10 in 2017 in Podgorica.

The goals of the Association are directed towards the promotion, development, and improvement of work of film directors and producers through:

  • Improvement of the status of films and cinematography as important factors of cultural, economic and social life of Montenegrin citizens;
  • Systemic contribution to raising the professional level of production of the whole Montenegrin cinematography;
  • Establishing and recommending an efficient model for financing national cinematography as well as cooperation with every public institution with the goal of promoting Montenegrin cinematography;
  • Encouraging and helping the development of the film profession through the organization of seminars and other forms of additional education for film professionals, especially producers and directors, as well as other participants in cinematography;

  • Initiating improvement of the legal solutions of those policies that regulate film production, protection of copyright laws, tax system etc., and if needed, according to the law, taking an active part in working toward the improvement of the regulatory atmosphere;
  • Development of the professional code of conduct and systemic protection of the basic rights of its members;

  • Defining and improving the relationship between movie directors and producers with distributors, movie theaters, and publishers;
  • Taking the measures in order to achieve qualitative and quantitative prerequisites for getting representative status by the law; and other actions.
  • The Association will also gear its activities toward raising public awareness on the importance of film as one of the most important segments of Montenegrin culture.
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